Wedding First Dance Lessons

We have been teaching couples to dance for their weddings and other special events since 2006. We’re here to provide you with exactly the dance you want for your special day.

Would you like a flashy, polished routine with lots of wow-factor? Something a bit more casual, playful, and relaxed? Would you simply like to avoid feeling awkward while everyone is watching? We’ve helped hundreds of couples achieve all of this and more! We recommend starting with 4 lessons to cover all of the basics and to get comfortable with at least a simple structure for your dance. If you have the time, it’s helpful to squeeze in even more!


Start with the Basics

All wedding dance lessons start with the basics, and then expand from there. You’ll learn leading, following, footwork, spins, dips, and more. We’ll give you the tools you need not only to dance well at your wedding, but to continue dancing for life! The skills you learn can be easily adapted to any situation, from company Christmas parties to cruises, and will work for almost any style of music, not just your first dance song!

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Package Options

Last-Minute Lesson

1 hour – $100

Running out of time? In one hour we will transform your dance from the awkward “high school shuffle” to something a lot more elegant and relaxed!

Last-Minute Double Lesson

2 hours – $180 ($90/lesson)

Get some basics down during your first lesson, then come back to practice, add more detail and structure, and solidify what you’ve learned! This approach is effective even if you come two days in a row, as it gives your muscle memory time to absorb material from the first lesson!

Basic Wedding Package

4 hours – $320 ($80/lesson)

One of our more popular packages! In four lessons, we’ll cover the basics, get you doing a few intricate sequences, help you structure and plan your dance, and send you off feeling comfortable and ready for the big day!

Standard Wedding Package

8 hours – $600 ($75/lesson)

Not quite as rushed? In eight hours, you’ll get a more solid feel for the basics and begin to expand your dance skills further. This package is for couples who want more time to gain confidence and comfort on the dance floor, whether they are planning a detailed routine or an open structure. Turns, dips, lifts, solo moves and more – we’ll help you create a dance worth remembering!

Extended Packages

Please contact us to discuss larger packages! It takes time for the body and mind to absorb new material, so give yourself enough time to learn, practice, perfect, and really polish your dance. Couples take anything from 10 to 20 lessons to get really, really comfortable with each other. The number of lessons is based on your availability, budget, and commitment to regular practice. Let us help you get you exactly where you want to go.